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Gadmo Cleaning Services, a company specializing in both corporate and residential cleaning solutions, was founded in 2016. Our dedicated team serves the cleaning needs of industrial facilities, homes, and offices throughout Johannesburg. We take pride in our professionalism and our commitment to meeting the unique cleaning requirements of both you and our valued clients.

Our cleaning services in Johannesburg encompass a broad spectrum, including meticulous Deep Cleaning that leaves no area overlooked, as well as pre and post-occupational packing and unpacking assistance. At Gadmo, we maintain a highly skilled and extensively experienced cleaning workforce, equipped with all the necessary tools and cleaning agents to ensure exceptional results.

We are Level 1-BEE

Looking after you

To offer the luxury for business and homeowners to concentrate on their jobs and dreams while we happily take care of the hygiene and cleanliness in their homes and office spaces.



To Us Relationships Matter

Establish and maintain cordial relations with the clientele.
Provide professional services that results in the quality services.
Empower communities within which the company operates

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We offer the widest range of cleaning services from deep cleaning, leaving no corner unattended, pre and post occupational packing and unpacking service, Gadmo has a well-trained and very experienced cleaning staff members including all requisite equipment and chemicals.


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Car Disinfecting

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